Re: Re: Demise of the Euro closer? – Ignore this if it bores you



@logan wrote:

No one goes to war for example for economic reasons.

What I actually meant was war is not a natural consequence of economic depression. Fascists and despots the world over have and do use those difficult economic circumstances to gain a foothold into power. They then go on to exercise their real intention of depriving the population of a voice to usurp the democratic process.

War or more usually stalemate is then the result. Usually because dictators need a war or a permanent state of confrontation with other democratic powers to convince their military backers to retain their support.

In Europe it was decided since WW11 by a consensus of elected politicians to take another path and avoid confrontation and conflict. Laudable but misguided motives. They believed that their brand of politics was a more important loftier aim than economics or real national democracy. They see nationalism as a form of disease destined for conflict

You see that when any EU unelected politico speaks. “It’s the vision stupid, don’t you get it?” đź‘ż

They have unfortunately inadvertently created a Frankenstein monster in the European Commission and all which comes with it, especially the Euro. It’s now inflicting on it’s populations, with a few exceptions notably Germany the same hardships which brought Hitler to power and which their political vision originally sought to avoid.