Re: Re: Demise of the Euro closer? – Ignore this if it bores you



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No but the difference is that now those countries are not free to do whatever they feel is in their best interest.
Now they are even being ordered around by foreign powers.


What goes around comes around though.

The Italians have just voted 150 – 12 for austerity measures, they get a new government this next week, Greece likewise, Spain very shortly also via its electorate. I don’t see any majority, anywhere in the 17 who are saying they want to come out of the Euro though Ardun, do you?

Nobody could have thought going into the 17, into one Euro currency, that they would ever again be totally free to do as they chose did they?

And nobody put anybody up against a wall to join either. Countries did vote their way in, did they not?

Europe has had a catastrophic week, we all saw it coming, jeeze this thread has seen everything coming, but we move on, it is being dealt with as we speak.

It is Britain I worry about for the future, I would be more worried about demise of Sterling than the Euro, I don’t think our policies and posturing will be easily forgotten or forgiven in the future.

And if we want out of the wider community, then we should be very wary and cognisant of how quickly and eagerly the door is shown to us, the Euro Sceptic should be very careful what he or she wishes for.

The problem is that in those countries that allowed voting about the EMU and the population just turned it down they basically said that until you vote yes we will have new elections. Talk about destroying the democractic process. In Sweden as an example we voted it down but all of our politicians said that it doesn’t matter and next time we wont even get chance to vote for it. Not sure if they still think they can get away with it. This is the biggest problem. Politicians that overrule their voters because they deem them to be wrong. In return they get well paid jobs in the EU.