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It’s sad that you can’t feel proud about your own country and it’s achievements anymore.
/End of rant

Immigrants enhance a country, make it stronger not weaker. Diversification usually takes at least a generation to become accepted as positive. Sweden like the UK and elsewhere in the EU can only benefit in the long term.
Mankind has travelled the world since leaving Africa only relatively a short time ago. It’s simply part of the human story.
It’s too easy to produce negative individual stories to shore up an extremist position.
Most people want to have a better life for themselves and their families. They know hard work is the route to that. They just need opportunity denied to them elsewhere.

Thats the thing though. I have lived in quite a few countries and I have never expected my new “host” to take care of me or adapt to my private culture and I expect the same of others. Respect goes both ways.

This is some of the things that have happened in the last couple of years.

1. Discrimination “Calling it positive actually makes me smile”. It’s when you are allowed by law to discriminate a certain group of people. This happens daily for swedes when they apply to university or jobs. The law actually only gives this option when people from different backgrounds have the same credentials. The Law faculty of Uppsala university was actually convicted in court for giving students with certain foreign parents a 25% bonus to their merits. Becomming a police officer is ridiculously much more easier if you belong to a minority group. It also gives the option to discriminate against gender if that field has a majority of a certain gender but so far the courts have only clamped down on situations where women have been discriminated “Applying for veterinary school, nursing etc which in our country have many more women students.” I have always been living under the assumption that any kind of discrimination is wrong.

2. Hate crimes can not be commited against the majority group. In practise its even hard to sentence someone for hate crimes if they are from a minority group if they have done it towards another minority group. We have a small jewish community that have been hit hard by attacks by muslims and left wing groups. Certain gangs only target swedish children and when confronted about how they choose their victims they don’t hide the fact that it is because they hate white people. White girls/women are specifically targetted when rapes are commited. “It was just another white whore, she wanted it etc”.

3. In a majority of all schools singing the national antheme has been banned. Something that was always a tradition when school terms where over before. Wearing clothes with the swedish colors may get you suspended. Wearing any symbol that are connected to norse mythology will get you trouble. A few people have actually gotten prosecuted for commiting hate crimes just for wearing these things. Just recently any public school is not allowed to hold any sort of meeting in a church. Schools not following this have been scared into stop doing it.

4. In problem schools “In 99,9% schools with lots of immigrants” they recieve about four times as much money per student than in other schools.

5. We accept day care centers and schools that are run by fanatics and they get funding from the state. How will this help integration?

6. They have just now started to discuss if they should remove certain holidays so muslims can have some. This will not in a million years happen but it just shows how silly we are getting.

7. If you go to any government agency today they have their information translated into around 30-40 different languages. In a country with 10 millon people. By law you can force the state to give you education, information and what not in five different languages “finnish, jiddish, tornedals finnish, samiska and then romani chip or whatever it’s called”. In a few years time arabic will probably be added to this list.

8. A man that just recently refused to shake the employers hand because she was a women sued the company and won. Who could hire someone like this? A woman was not allowed to do her work practise in a hospital if she didn’t remove her hijab something she refused to do she also tried to sue the hospital but since she was not employed by them she lost. The hospital had a strict policy of their personel only using their clothes because of contamination risks.

9. Men that works at day care facilities are being switched around because some ethnic groups cant tolerate men changing their childrens diapers.

10. We are discussing on national TV if it’s ok to call chocolate balls “negro balls”. The translation from swedish becomes a little bit weird. They have always been called negro balls and making such a big fuzz about it is just stupid.

11. Schools must supply food that all etnic groups can eat which basicly removes lots of swedish food since it contains lots of pork and it’s to expensive to serve more then one course.

12. For store owners gypsies are a huge problem. This is not something new though. Either you let them steal or they sue you. Most people just try and limit them from stealing expensive stuff.

13. You flee from a country and then you go back there for vacation. When something goes wrong you blame Sweden for not helping you.

14. They never let someone else care for their elders or sick so we pay out huge amounts of money so their own families can be employed. The state have zero control of how this care is being done. Last year it was found out that many had faked injuries and what not to employ family members. Hardly any was prosecuted. International gangs now “buy” handicapped people from poor countries and send them to families in Sweden and they share the profits.

15. Muslims attacking an artist called Lars Vilks. Sending death threats and trying to burn down his house. Accidently putting themselves on fire.

16. People loosing their jobs if they vote for certain parties and their politicians being attacked.

I could go on forever with lots of similar stuff. We only have ourselves to blame for this mess and most immigrants thinks we are crazy for putting up with it.

I have lived in a few countries and I can tell you that Finland, Spain and the US would never put up with most of these things. We are doomed and eventually we are going down together with Holland, France and England etc.

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