Re: Re: Daily Telegraph Spanish Planning Scandal campaign


Come on people 🙂 majority rule is not democracy, don’t confuse them.

If I managed to get a referendum, that for which every person who has a mortgage can take away the terms of a mortgage and just give the bank a verbal promise that at some point in the future I will give them back the principle – how do you think people would vote? With the resounding YES vote, somehow I do not think I would be hailed as a great democratic leader. I would be a cheat!

I am with most of you on many of these topics but what you are agreeing to is so dangerous! Especially seeing as we live in Spain with strange land laws. If you give Spanish people the vote to get their best lands back from foreign investors for free (or free lease to be returned back to you when it suits them), you know which way the vote will go. Heaven help us!