Re: Re: Costas – When will this market bottom?



Brian, Almeria like Malaga is a big place and like Malaga has its areas that are no go zones (Manilva, Roquetas etc), but it also has areas that have stood up well to the recession; eg the up market area of Cabo de gata which experienced strong sales last year.

Everybody seems to have ignored that sales of residential property in Spain were up 4,5% in 2010 on 2009. Sales of good properties in MARBELLA are strong and the notaries are doing a brisk business. As Mark says, there are areas and there are areas!!!.. of course sales concluded are where the prices has been reduced by 40%….

the real estate market in Spain is two speed (like Europe) – just make sure you choose a good area and don’t fall into the trap of getting more space for your money in “dingyville”……. 😀 😆 😈