Re: Re: Costas – When will this market bottom?

Chris M

@ozmunky wrote:

Mentality for commercial decisions has gone out the window, utter idiots.
Speculative lesson in the making. Have no sympathy for these fools whatsoever.
— Munky

Mmmm almost had a sort of UBEDA moment coming on…

YAWN 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 !!!!!!!!

But that would be unfair I suppose.

This is however Spanish Property Insight and not Spanish Property INVESTMENT

I feel sorry for you; that you continue ad infinitum to only look at Spanish home ownership, along with any number of the other ‘analyticals’ here, as purely a commercial decision.

Buying property, not only in Spain but in the UK, has always been a relatively poor commercial or purely investment decision, that is the great mistake that so many British people have made in the past what 20 years or so, almost no market or group of people look at property in the same way as the British / Irish do. I would suggest given the evidence of recent times, to talk purely in terms of commercial decisions and financial investment with respect to property is to put it bluntly – retarded.

Mark was right as it happens, there is of course a very solid argument (that I think that you might be a candidate for the ‘utter idiot’ badge if you ignore) that for many… there has never been a better time to buy! And I raise my hat to the many who have been on here countless times, most only posting once or twice, who advise us regularly that… they are not buying or investing commercially – they are buying with funds that they have earned either commercially or from their investments – they want to enjoy their life, and spend some of their earned income.

And I am sorry, but to also argue that someone who bought in the 70’s – 90’s should now just sell their home for the price they paid for it 20 plus years ago, or for just a few bob more – how ludicrous can you get really? Even it were on offer though the ‘analyticals’ on here would advise against the purchase today- because its value may still fall by 50%.

Sad really, that the argument is so full of certainty by some misguided souls… That simply refuse to listen to some of the wider aspects.

I get that some people would like to and indeed should rent, i get that some want to holiday further afield and for whom that would make more sense, not just financially but more importantly emotionally, each to his own. I get that actually PENSIONS, BONDS, STOCKS, SHARES – PORK BELLIES and any number of other futures or investments may return a far greater yield. I think we all get that. However as was also said… Who are you to judge exactly?

Think about it, for more than 40 years people have been buying homes on the Costa del Sol, and there are reportedly 1 million Brits who have done so across Spain, and guess what… there will be another million to follow – all of them undoubtedly utter idiots. Pah!

You just don’t seem to get it really, and as I head back to the Costa this weekend, looking forward to my round of golf in baking sun, on rolling fairways, with a Swede, a German and an Italian making up my fourball and afterwards with a sundowner on the terrace, well I will almost feel sorry for you, you wrapped up wherever you are, holding onto your Ovaltine as the rain lashes down and another grey day looms ahead, where you become a slave to mamon having probaby just checked every agents latest listing in the local Friday paper to find out whether your two up two down invesments have gone up or down in price in the past 24 hours.

Heaven forbid you should sell them and get a bit of real pleasure out of life hey!

Perhaps you should meet up with Adiep on any UK High Street where you will see a lot more football shirt wearing types than you will in the lovely port of Duquesa, and talk about how you can now buy plots of undeveloped land in strips only, in the lovely UK and simply over the phone, that will commercially go up on value by 1,000% in the next year alone. Seems it is entirely legal to buy that stuff in the UK.

Meantime, let Angie, Claire, and the likes continue to warn, advise, explain, argue the case for many poor souls who made unfortunate decisions on buying in the past, and let’s let the Insight be balanced and fair to all sides of the argument which Brianc_li allows as a future purchaser and avid market watcher, that helps people make wiser and more informed decisions, rather than denouncing places as ‘dumps’ or making out people are ‘idiots’ when you patently don’t have a clue.

As for me, well don’t worry, I will get my share of grief for not having a clue either… I always have Charlie 😀 😀 who will come and give me a few good quick kicks in the shins or dig up some of my long dead posts from the past to toss at me for being a pompous, overblown, two faced, double dealing charlatan. And quite rightly so its about balance, which is something you rarely get from you types who are so CERTAIN of yourselves.

Mmmm, not quite a rant I hope. Going to go watch a bit of telly now.