Re: Re: Costas – When will this market bottom?


@mark wrote:

The thing is, those apartments probably don’t sell for 180k, that’s just what vendors are asking. Without knowing any else about them, I’ll wager they would sell for considerably less.

The argument goes like this: It’s the best time in years to buy, IF you have a good reason to buy and can afford it. It’s a personal choice and boils down to personal value judgements. Who am I to judge what is good value for another?

None of which guarantees that prices won’t keep going down. I think they will on average. That said, I doubt the really good stuff will go down much more. It’s always scarce and in demand. Fact of life.

The Nerja place is something like this:

Salobrena place is something like this:

I have no idea is these are good prices or not…