Re: Re: Costa Esuri


Hi Mark

I am not sure whether this is what you want but here is link to just one of the agents that are selling the apartments for the banks. Is it allowed to post a commercial link? The second picture on the link shows a typical two bed apartment of the type we were buying. It is now a lot cheaper. It is a nice area but Costa Esuri is outside of the town of Ayamonte (about 3 miles) which is lovely and there are no amenities on CE (except 2 golf courses, a golf clubhouse and one restaurant that is just about to open). It is pretty and if this is what you want there are bargains to be had but you need to look carefully at the quality – it varies from one area to another. There must be hundreds of houses and apartments on Costa Esuri empty and they vary considerably in price and quality. Best thing is the close proximity to Portugal – you get two countries for one! 40 minutes from Faro, 1 hour and a quarter from Seville. I wish things had worked for us – having partially paid they would not even let us exchange to a different area so we are still in limbo. Would be cheaper to buy from scratch now but we bought into the whole concept – commercial centres etc and they are not going to materialise now.

The link is:[/quote]

By the way click on the apartments section of the website to see more.