Re: Re: Costa Brava to gain in popularity, new fast train links



@katy wrote:

Some AVE routes only have around 6 passengers. they are heavily subsidised. More vanity projects. Anyone who thinks people choose holidays in a location because of it’s train service must be barking mad đŸ˜†

Ha! I can assure you there were a lot more than 6 passengers in my carriage alone last time I travelled on the AVE (and that was a 11.40 journey midweek from Valencia to Madrid). Never mind the train. As for the route.. đŸ˜†
Every time someone who’s been on the AVE and related their experience (whether on routes to Toledo, Malaga or seville) they tell us it’s been busy.
Can you produce any evidence from 2012 of AVE routes carrying such low figures? Even the Galicia track (which is waiting connection to Madrid before it really attracts viable numbers) wouldn’t have such a low figure for a “route”
I think you’re making things up again. đŸ˜†