I’ve observed Spanish ways at close hand for around 20 years, and in that time invested both in businesses and properties, the properties being places for me to live in. I decided at an early stage that I would need to leave my British ways behind completely and join in totally, which is what I did.

There were many occasions, especially at first, when I felt a twinge of conscience at some of the accepted practices of my new country, back in the UK we would have called it corruption, here in Spain it was just the normal way of doing business.

I moved away from the Marbella area around 15 years ago, when the corrupt practices turned ridiculous in their scale and it’s small wonder that most of its prominent citizens are now before the courts. What did one of the accused say recently, “I wouldn’t even look at a piece of paper unless I was getting paid.” That was the Mayoress.

It’s much the same in the Valencian province, but on a much lower, almost ‘manageable’ level. There also isn’t as much money flowing around.

I feel sorry for all my country people who have been cheated by the system, it’s not a system you can understand from an English viewpoint, you need to think like a Spaniard to properly understand.