Whilst supporting all the worthy aims of the intrepid campaigners I am quite confident that sadly it will make not one jot of difference.
Moving the Spanish to change small things is bad enough but larger matters take more than a generation, or three, if even then.
The reason I say this is because it’s all nothing knew.
Thirty years ago when I first started in the property business in Spain exactly the same nefarious practices were common place.
We protested, tried political pressure, and campaigned for change. Nothing happened.
When Spain entered the EU they were reluctantly forced to make some small changes as a condition of membership. One of these was setting up a regional land registry. Such a basic requirement you would have thought.
Only the ambitions of EU membership moved the government to act.
I use this example to indicate and suggest that this and subsequent Spanish governments will only change their domestic laws and institutions if they have no other choice.
They certainly will take absolutely no notice of pressure campaigns mounted either by individuals or members of the European Parliament.
One explanation is Spanish machismo. The other is self interest.
Foreigners in Spain who buy property or come on holiday have traditionally been viewed both by the population and the government as simply cash cows. Nothing more.
The idea that the Spanish would feel any responsibility for their plight and difficulties at the hands of property developers or local and regional councils is a joke.
They do not and never will.
Spain is unlike most other EU countries. It has a long and recent cultural history of lawlessness, dictatorship, paternalism and corruption.
The Government have only just this month agreed to release details to relatives of where all the bodies are buried from the civil war which ended in 1938. Relatives have been campaigning for justice ever since.
What chance do a bunch of foreigners think they have seeking justice over a lost investment?
Any foreigner who buys property in Spain is taking a risk with their capital.
The majority of buyers are successful until the government or regional councils decide otherwise.
They can and will wipe you out if it suits a purpose.
No amount of protest will change the fact that the Spanish view the land and country as theirs to do with whatever they choose.
All this said I wish everyone the best of luck. 🙂
I do not say you should not try and change things. Just be aware of the likely outcome.