Re: Re: comparisons

Fuengi (Andrew)

Fuengi are you really comparing the two countries’ agents as similar?

actually yes. Most people on this forum have never said to me that uk agents are better, more honest, etc.. they always comment on how much easier it is to take them to court, etc…

No-one is contradicting you, it’s just that there are procedures in the UK whether it ‘s through the Courts, and even the NAEA’s ineffectiveness will still remove the rogues of which there are less off than in Spain. They will appear to act if told of problems whereas the inept AIPP, FOPDAC etc for overseas agents are happy to take subscriptions from any unscrupulous agent even with a bad history.

Actually I believe FOPDAC is being taken over by NAEA. I don’t know enough about these non-spanish organisations to commet. Although from from i heard about AIPP on this site i’m usre your right.

Some while ago, Your Move large UK agent dropped Ocean Estates from it’s preferred overseas partner because of it’s history, and to preserve it’s own integrity. Incidentally, on Eye on Spain ex Ocean employee and others are trying to sue Ocean for non payment of wages, in the UK it’s doubtful a Company could get away with that for as long as they have.

Yes Ocean was only dropped at the end of the boom though. Its cost vs benefit. As long as its more of a benefit, people will use/recommend companies like Ocean because they’ll make money.

It is actually very difficult for a company not to pay wages due in spain. Its alot harder to fire staff aswell. Problem in these cases is either the staff never had a contract or were autonomos. In both cases if all the paperwork was done correctly & legally it takes only a few months to get your outstanding.

I’m not saying spanish courts could not be faster, they are moving in that direction, it will take quite a few years before they are there.