Re: Re: comments please.



I do know of someone who put in an offer on a bank property – he did however have to telephone the bank constantly, each week & month to see if the offer had been reviewed/looked at or accepted – EVENTUALLY his perseverence paid off & his offer was accepted. I dont know if it was just that they were sick of hearing from him week in week out but it worked so if i were you, keep phoning & keep on their back it may just pay off. My only concern (which we are debating at the moment) is that even though you can sometimes grab a good deal/bargain – the tax office catch up with you. Six months after the transaction, you receive a tax bill on the difference between what you paid for the property and what the Spanish Tax Office think your property is worth (considerably more than what you paid) – very unfair but you have only a couple of weeks to pay this and if you dont, it incurs penalties for late payments and interest until you do pay, so just beware – that bargain you think you are getting may actually not be that much of a bargain after all!