Re: Re: Coeliac – where can I get gluten-free supplies


@Indecision wrote:

I have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease and need to cope with a gluten-free diet when we visit our apartment.

Does anybody know where I can buy gluten-free flour, bread etc in the Marbella area? Is it stocked in the supermarkets/hypermarkets? Do I have to go to a specialist supplier or do I have to pack everything either in my suitcase or ship by courier before I come.

The whole idea at the moment is daunting . . .

All advice gratefully received.

I am not living there, but the food store at El corte Ingles in Ouerto Banus had an excellent assortment of gluten free bread, cakes and pasta when we were there both in 2004 and 2008.
As Indecision mentioned below Carrefour also has a gluten free assortment. They even have their own private label bluten free food which we bought in Vinaros this summer.

The gluten free bread, meal and pasta are usually in the diet food section in the shops.
As a minor note Damm Estrella (beer in case you do not know) has a special edition for coeliacs with a guaranteed low level of gluten…