Re: Re: Chris McCarthy

Chris M

@angie wrote:

You’ve agreed with me in previous correspondence especially when I’ve not likened Viva quite like other less scrupulous agents we both know.


Hi Angie,

I do hear you Angie, and I think you most certainly have a point, more than one point, and all valid and right to the point.

On much you will not find me arguing with you, just plain agreeing with you, and I think your contribution is extremely important, and I more than appreciate you see my point also.

Somewhere there is a meeting of minds in the future I think.

And its nice that we can debate this back and forth, but do yourself a favour get a copy of the next issue of HP 84 I think it will come out around June 10th and tell me then whether you think it is all over for the CDS then… or perhaps that there might be some hope for the place yet, i would truly value your opinion on that also.

And my apologies for attributing “hellhole” to you erroneously.