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Chris M

@flosmichael wrote:

The thread is about some Moneyweek article which you consider rubbish.
I am trying to see if you have credentials to make such claims and you have not presented any.

Anyway, I do not have anything against estate agents in Spain or wherever so let us make peace. I hope that you fully understand the situation in Spain and I am fully aware of the fact that selling property in Spain brings bread to your family so you cannot say bad things on a public forum..


I think there is more than one person who would tell you I have had more than my fair share of bad things to say, in this and as I pointed out to you earlier, on far more public forums and available media than here, and I would venture always out in the open, having never shied away from the truth of matters to do with the negative aspects of the Spanish property market.

Shame my credentials don’t stack up for you. I can see from other posts, that you have been making detailed notes on everything from coffee prices to beaches to different urbanisations across the whole country; I will accept those credentials of yours without comment as to their worth.

However, hopefully you might understand, that despite my credentials not being up to one of your marks out of ten, in your own coast to coast analysis; that I have at least lived and worked in Spain for 20 years; so I think I should know a thing or two about fully understanding the situation – not just hopefully – or without, after that amount of time, having to be further patronised about bringing bread to my family.

Enough is enough here already, I need to get my rattle back into the pram, so amen to making peace regardless and good luck to you.

Jeeze Steve, what did you get me into here; I never should have looked back!