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You do what??? Speak at seminars?? In what quality? What credible aspects of life do you present during “seminar talks”?

Oh dear…

Well any number actually of associations and conventions actually, was once treated to fly First Class on Virgin, all expenses paid to boot, to speak for an hour or so to the American Resort and Developers Association in Miami, with about a thousand or something attendees listening to my little bit, along with countless invitations to SIMA and… and oh look the list is too long you don’t need it do you?

Been on Telly a couple of times too Flosmichael, and was once acclaimed completely without my knowledge or consent as one of the top 20 movers and shakers in Spanish real estate, which was completely ridiculous and took a bit of living down. But hey someone thought I was qualified to attain the status, goodness knows who they were or how they decided.

Gosh I am sorry if that offends your or shocks your sensibilities.

Steve where are you? Seems someone wants to now puncture my rubber ring and let me sink now.

OK, so you were one of these “people” who used their “knowledge” to “help” some fools part with their money?

And you call those seminars??

Top 20 movers and shakers in Spanish real estate? Was it on Real Estate TV or A Place in the Sun? Both renowned for their “usefulness”.

Gosh, I always liked people who want to appear angels… Anyway, as long people still fall for your charm, you will be a rich man.