Re: Re: Chinese investors buying property in Spain


@mgspain wrote:

I’m pleased the Chinese numbers are growing in Spain. I see here in Barcelona that apart from the “Bazaar’s” and “Wok’s” the Chinese have taken over many of the cafe’s in the city. It’s a pleasant change when when someone focuses on getting what you want instead of being grunted at by a small fat man with a moustache who spends half his day talking about politics and the other half talking about Barca.

It’s strange, I hear from Brits who claim they get slow service in Spanish establishments. I’ve always found the opposite, so long as you use the correct greetings eg “Hola! Muy buenos dias!” and then ask for your coffee or beer or racion, then service is extremely rapid. Getting the bill can take a while if they are occupied, but it really does take a mere 20 or 30 seconds to recieve a coffee or beer in a Madrid bar. Surely the Barcelona equivalents are not that different?