Re: Re: Chinese investors buying property in Spain


Oh shakeel read my post properly 🙄 How do you know that their investors aren’t laundering ill-gotten gains due to their activities in China, and when I say Human Rights issues, I mean Google search it, it’s often on TV that Chinese authorities and businessmen make their money causing misery to huge numbers of the population often by forceful evictions and worse, beatings, imprisonment. Katy just posted a link to a Chinese Mafia gang arrested in Spain, next we will hear of their sweat shops with low paid slaves, Gang masters with agricultural low paid slaves. You appear to condone and say they ‘should feel at home in Spain’ as if all Spain is criminal 😆

Whilst every fraternity has it’s crims., because of China’s much larger population there could be a lot more of their crims. coming in to Spain, does Spain really want that, who is going to say who is clean and who is not? 🙄