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I’m tired of the BS about him being racist though. He is about that everyone should be viewed as individuals. Would a racist person do what Ron Paul did in that day in age?

You can’t be serious? You actually believe campaign propaganda?

Sorry a man who says this is racist, and unfit to be president: “I think we can assume that 95 percent of the black men in that city [Washington, D.C.] are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

What is interesting about Paul supporters is that supporting Paul is almost like a religion. They are brainwashed and cannot be objective.

He is the only one talking about how discriminatory the judicial system is against minorty groups. Why would a racist bring up these sort of discussions?

1. Yes Ron Paul supporters are very persistant. Not a bad trait in my opinion. We won’t roll over when ignorant shitstains treat him unfairly.

2. It was a newsletter released under Ron Pauls name in the 1980-1990’s which other people wrote for him while he was both working as a doctor and as a politician. The man that actually wrote that stuff works for FOX now. Ron Paul said the first time he heard about it that it was not something he supported or shared it’s views. Would a racist have Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks or Ghandi as his role models? The same man who for free of charge helped hundreds of people from minority groups free of charge while he worked as a doctor and refused to take government money for it because he thought it was wrong. If he was such a big racist why is it that he has the strongest support amongst all the republican canidates from minority groups? Try to spin the BS but anyone with any objective thought process understands how bizare the accusations are. Look he is just so evil and false. Here you have Ron Paul meeting some of his heroes.

I don’t tolerate people spewing BS about anyone. Accuse him for having “nutty” ideas but don’t lie about him. So Ron Paul and his campaign ain’t allowed to reply to the accusations? You don’t think the minority groups themselves can’t tell a racist from a none-racist?

Here is a good article about the Syria situation.

“—Yet it is clear the Western powers have decided on pursuing a policy of regime change no matter what the cost to the people of Syria. The simultaneous withdrawal of the US, British, and French embassies, and the cutting off of diplomatic relations with the nations of the Arab League, is a clearing of the decks for the coming assault – which is going to be the bloodiest and most vicious yet. All of which raises a question: why now? After all, Syria has been a charter member of the infamous “axis of evil” ever since the Bush era, and the US has been overtly hostile to Assad in spite of the post-9/11 intelligence-sharing between Washington and Damascus.

The reason, in a word, is Iran. Remember, this is just the first Act of the tragedy now being played out in the region: the final act will culminate in “shock and awe” in the skies over Tehran. First, however, a few preliminaries must be gotten out of the way, and a casus belli clearly established. A civil war in Syria will pit Sunni Islamists against Syria’s national minorities: not only Alawites, but also Druze, Christians, and Assyrians. The Kurds are sure to go with the rebels, but they have their own organization – and their own agenda.

The key question is whether this will draw in the Iranians – and lead to a wider conflict. Syria could become a battleground in the larger Sunni-Shi’ite conflict, an outcome the regime-changers in Washington, London, and Paris are counting on. The idea is to unite the Sunni countries against Persian/Shia “imperialism” – with Israel standing in the background and ready to pick up the pieces.

We in the West have been fed a steady diet of pro-rebel propaganda, consisting of tales of mass slaughter carried out by the Syrian military. Yet it is often the case that initial claims of casualties are “revised downwards,” as in the case of the alleged shelling of the Khaldiyeh section of besieged Homs, where “hundreds” eventually became “dozens” of dead and wounded. Remember the phony reports of “incubator babies” supposedly speared by Saddam Hussein’s troops as they entered Kuwait? Well it looks like they’ve recycled that bit of war propaganda and recast it in a Syrian context. Most of the reports we get of atrocities committed by government troops are coming from the rebels, and there is almost no attempt by the Western media to separate war propaganda from actual news – and so what else is new?—“