Re: Re: China and Russia


We are in great company to condemn Syria. Never thought this day would come when western powers officially had the semisame agenda as Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri urged Syrians not to rely on the West or Arab governments in their uprising.

“You know better what they are planning against you. Our people in Syria, don’t depend on the Arab League and its corrupt governments supporting it,” Zawahri said in a video recording posted on the Internet. He described Assad as a butcher and urged Muslims in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan to come to the aid of the rebels.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said: “How long will we stay as onlookers to what is happening to the brotherly Syrian people, and how much longer will we grant the Syrian regime one period after another so it can commit more massacres against its people?”

“At our meeting today I call for decisive measures, after the failure of the half-solutions,” he said. “The Arab League should…open all channels of communication with the Syrian opposition and give all forms of support to it.”

A resolution approved by Arab League ministers meeting in Cairo called for “opening communication channels with the Syrian opposition and providing all forms of political and material support to it

I always love when dictators themselves come out and complain.