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Adhering to a dogma and ignoring very real problems, such as racism, is the domain of ivory-tower inhabitants.

Yes you have a point about Paulites being dogmatic in some sense but can you explain why he has the biggest support amongst minorites of all the republican candidates if they don’t believe he is on the right track?

Ron Paul actually changed his view on the death penalty because he thinks the judicial system is discriminating minorities like hispanics and afro-americans.

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The idea that “business will lose money” is not true. For example, here in California, the total percent of adults who were tobacco smokers never ever was above 40%, and yet the State had to force restaurants to first offer non-smoking sections, and then finally banned smoking completly. Until the State intervened, ‘the marketplace’ failed to respond to the majority, those non-smokers who did not want to smell like an ashtray after dining out or going to a bar.

To be honest I personally really loved that they banned smoking in restaurants and I agree that its really weird that this couldn’t be worked out by the free markets. One negative side is that now you can smell the sweat and other fishy odors 😀 . I know many restaurants owners personally and they told me that even they liked it because they wouldn’t dare to do it themselves. I don’t like the idea of forcing people to do stuff though. I wouldn’t use heroin or pot if it was legal but I think people should have the right to destroy their bodies if they wanted too. The positive side of it is that it removes the illegal sides of it.

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Again, I admire Paul’s sincerity and his foreign policy proposals. But to deny his racist past is whitewashing. We’re never going to agree about that.

This we will never agree upon but you have the right to your opinion. I even think that Ron Paul would even say that he held racist views if he had them. He has never sugar coated anything.

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Do you support the elimination of the Department of Energy? How about the Department of Education? Do you believe that State’s have the right to control everything, including prohibiting the marriage of heterosexual couples that are different races or religions?

Yes I’m for a minimalist goverment apparatus but if schools freely wants one they can setup an organisation themselves. I don’t think goverment involvement in anything is good in the long run.

I don’t think it should be possible for anyone to deny two, three or four etc consenting adults to do anything of their own free will but at the same thing I don’t think you can force for example a private church to marry them “this goes for race, same genders, left handed, big nosed etc”. If these more uncommon constelations wants to get “married” in a church they can start their own church and do it. I don’t think the goverment should have any say in this and that goes for not being able to make it illegal also. He will let the states decide becaue he sees nothing in the constitution that gives him this power. I see it as a contract between consenting adults. No state should be able to dissallow this sort of contract. Ron Paul have avoided talking about this because he hints that he wants a simillar solution but is a little bit weak in that he wants to make “marriage” something else but with the same legal situation for the couples. I don’t think the real marriage term should be reserves for only a man and a woman so my view differs a little there.

You have to separate Ron Pauls personal views and what he thinks the federal government should do. He is a constituationalist.

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Finally, we have an expression here: “Other than that Mrs. Lincooln, how was the play?” To overlook – and not even address – blatantly racist, anti-Semitic or other vile content in order to make your point did, in my mind, make me wonder if you were sympathetic with the ideas expressed in that content. That is why I called you a racist nutcase and cut off the conversation. Thanks for clearing that up in your last post.

In my mind, if someone puts poison in the pond, the entire pond is toxic. You are more nuanced than I.

You have some good points and hopefully we both learned something. I can honestly say that my views are not normal but at the same time I don’t see normal as something good.

I myself thought Ron Paul was sort of a nutcase a couple of years ago but the man has grown on me and when prediction after prediction turned true I fell in love with him :D. He ties everything together and doesn’t sugar coat it.

This to me portrays what I think is wrong in todays society about how politicians and media try to handle the issue of racism. They do stupid stuff like implementing a special day for “blacks”. What they should do is handle real issues like for example how minorites runs a much higher risk to get the death penalty for the same crime. Is it question about money for a good lawyer or is the judicial system. Discrimination should never be ok from the goverment “police, judicial system etc”. If we hold those areas free from discrimination the rest will settle itself.