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Why is it that when anyone offers a view that is different to yours you have to behave like a six year old?

You’re missing the point: The Youtube channel in the link contains vile content, such as Holocaust denial videos. Content there is suspect at best.

But Ardun didn’t even address that in his/her response.

Ardun wants us to ‘overlook’ that.

Ron Paul’s newsletters in the 1990s are filled with racist crap. Paul supporters say that he didn’t really write the racist articles, he only published them in newsletters, such as Ron Paul’s Freedom Report or Ron Paul’s Survival Report, without authors listed, and some with first-person accounts that indicate it was indeed Paul’s writing. Regardless of who actually wrote the articles, they were published under Ron Paul’s name.

Ardun wants us to ‘overlook’ that.

Ron Paul has huge support from white supremacists and Holocaust deniers. OK, so he can’t control who supports him. But it doesn’t matter to him. “I’ll go to anybody who I think I can convert to change their viewpoints — so that would be to me incidental,” he said. “I’m always looking at converting people to look at liberty the way I do” Paul said.

In 2008, Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin for president. Chuck Baldwin is a racist nutcase who has written a weekly column for VDARE, a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic group.

There are hundreds of other examples of Paul’s racism or support of racists, just Google and see for yourself.

And the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree: Paul’s son, State Senator Rand Paul said, in an interview on TV, that business should have the right to discriminate, that blacks have no right to expect the freedom to eat in a restaurant.

But my real issue is that Ardun, like most Paul supporters, is so strident in his/her support of Paul, so dogmatic about some of the good ideas that Paul has, that he/she overlooks the elephant in the room: Paul is a nutcase racist.

I supported Obama in the last US presidential election. But supporting Obama wasn’t a belief or religion. Supporting Ron Paul is a belief system to his supporters. It is dogma in the extreme and as history teaches us, any dogma in the extreme is harmful.

Would a racist hold these views?

Come on now Gary. I don’t support anything else that those people post or upload. I had actually not even looked through the stuff. My point was that they can be idiots but still post certain things that are relevant for the discussion. But I agree that one should be highly critical of some of those posters.

You tried to imply that I was someone that supports the revision of the holocaust and that just makes you look silly. You even called me a semi-racist.

About Ron Pauls newsletters. He has clearly said that it was stupid for him to not look through the stuff. What more can he do? You probably didn’t even look through my answer to your first response about it. There is lots of material giving you and aswer to it. Here is his answer.

He has gotten some donations from idiots and he has said that it’s better for him to keep the money and try to sway people over and use it for good causes instead of handing the money back to them and they can use it for bad causes. They just wasted their money. Bush even got donations from far right wing groups. Does that make him a racist?

I have never even heard about Chuck Baldwin but from his wikipedia page he seems to share quite a lot of common ground with Ron Paul. What is so bad with him? This was a serious question because I have not looked him up. *edit ok he seems to have very disturbed private views about homosexuals etc.

As a Republican Party member, Baldwin was state chairman of the Florida Moral Majority in the 1980s. However, during the 2000 campaign of Republican George W. Bush for U.S. President, Baldwin left the party and began a long period of criticism of Bush. Baldwin endorsed U.S. Representative Ron Paul for the 2008 Republican nomination for president, and Paul in turn endorsed Baldwin for the presidency in the 2008 general election.
Baldwin supports ending U.S. involvement in the United Nations, reducing U.S. income taxes, and repeal of the Patriot Act. He would withdraw troops from Iraq and seek to end illegal immigration by enforcing immigration laws. He supports the gold standard, the right to keep and bear arms, homeschooling, and the proposed Sanctity of Life Act, which would define “human life” and legal personhood as beginning at conception, and prevent federal courts from hearing cases on abortion-related legislation.

This might be sort of radical but what Rand is saying is not that he enjoys being a racist or that he thinks it’s a sane view. He is so much for freedom and that people should be judged as individuals. If people wants to hold racist views let the idiots have them. Both Rand and Ron thinks that its up to the individual to behave like an idiot and discriminate people because it will end up in their own destruction “company going bankrupt because they will loose money etc by people boyocotting it”. It’s a very radical and different view but to call them racist is just wrong. They are for extreme individual freedom as long as you don’t hurt anyone else physical or their property. I can understand why some right wing groups are appelead by this part of their views.

Do you seriously believe that anyone having Rosa Parks, Ghandi and Martin Luther King as their idols could be a racist?

I supported Obama last time around so you know but he has shown me that it was mostly talk and no business.