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Evidence of the “peacefull” protesters faking videos. Some disturbing images and videos.

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“Syria – ABC News (AU) expose the lies of Reuters, ABC and other Medias”…&v=kaNei6tuiUU

This one was interesting. but looks like the footage is set in lebanon.

I am willing to bet that there are quite few few false scenes being recorded by both sides. no doubt about it, this is as much a media war as a political struggle.

But I choose to be against the side that has bared foreign journalists in the country, and who has the most to lose from free elections. In this case Assad & Co.

Aye I agree totally with this. No side is innocent in this conflict. It scary that one needs to question everything that is comming out from both of these sides. Yes that clip have been used around the world to portray what “Syrias government” was doing but when it was infact from Lebanon.

Here is a new one of the one that was not working. Clearly not just peacefull protesters. I don’t know how they can assert that Israel is directly involved in supplying those weapons though. My guess is that it’s just the normal hate for Israel propaganda. I haven’t looked through the other things these people upload and take no responsibillity or support anything else that they have in their profiles.