Re: Re: China and Russia


@GarySFBCN wrote:

Evidence of the “peacefull” protesters faking videos. Some disturbing images and videos.

Disgusting. The first video you linked to is on someone’s Youtube channel that includes a least one video that is of the ‘Holocaust denier’ theme. Sorry, I don’t believe anything posted. there.

I previously wrote that Paul is a semi-racist nutcase. I should have included that his supporters also are semi-racist nutcases.

Are you stooping as low as to imply that I’m semi-racist nutcase?

So when given proof of faked injuries and faked deaths your answer is to throw the pacifier out of the stroller.

Stop trying to use one of histories greatest tragedies “The holocaust” to your advantage to try and belittle the evidence provided. It has no bearing what so ever in this discussion.