Re: Re: China and Russia



I don’t expect much from China and Russia but in this whole “arab spring” ordeal they have the moral high ground without a doubt. Sure they also have their motives but they are far from as sneaky as the US and Israel. They just support their allies who they trade a lot with and understands that one day they are the ones that may be the victim of this propaganda machinery “Russia have Chechnya and other minority problem groups and China have their problems with for example Tibet”. What would Spain, Israel or the US/UK do if protestors armed with RPGs and assault riffles started to rebel in the streets killing of police, army personel and civillians? They would be strucken down quicker than you could say “democracy”. The media would in an instant start behaving like a dictators own propaganda tool. It is so easy to simplify the problems in the middle east but the matter of fact is that certain dictators seem to be ok by most of the western world “Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq before Saddam stopped doing their bidding and the list could go on forever. What we “the peacefull loving west” are doing is like taking a stand for ETA or IRA against their respective country and i refuse to do it. We wage more wars and kill more civillians then all of these dictators put together. A real revolution only comes from the people itself without any help from foreign powers.

Assad is a dictator and should be removed but by it’s own people but at the moment the US, Israel and it’s arab henchmens are arming and supporting one side that suits their purpose in a war against the majority. The “fine, nobel and peacefull protesters“. The same as what happened in Libya.

This is what Hillary Clinton had to say about when Ghaddafi was murdered. That is the sort of leaders we have championing around our virtues.

What happened in Egypt will lead to chaos but at least the people itself chose their path.

Are Russia or China great humanitarian nations? Not in a million years but some times even a blind chicken finds a corn now and then. Putin and Mao junior often disgusts me but at least they are easier to read and my question to you is who you rather have pitted against you at the poker table.

We have our own despots but they are just named differently and wear other costumes. Does it really matter to the citizens of the US if they appoint Romney or Obama both of them are funded by the same banksters “Goldman Sachs, etc”? Basicly the same status quo politics led by the rich elite to do their bidding. Both the democrats and the republicans are tripping themselves over to steal from the honest and hard working americans that just wants to get on with their lives. If these pseudo dictators need a bailout they will get one and if they want a war they will get one. Did they tell you the truth about the coupes in latin america or in Iran back in the days? Why do you think you are being fed the real truth now? The whole western world is a joke and sometimes it’s sad to be a part of it. Once in a while people like Ron Paul shows up and you know that you are not totally by yourself.