Re: Re: China and Russia



I understand reasons why certain Gov’ts in particular Western Gov’ts don’t or shouldn’t get involved with these Arab countries, however when I see Assad type brutality causing suffering and death to people, especially to frightened children en masse then I think to hell with non involvement, get in there and remove that bastard and hang him upside down and let the people kill him slowly. It’s not the children’s fault, every innocent person deserves a life. But rid the world of tyrants, paedophiles, murderers, megalomaniacs and fraudsters, that will probably free up a lot of much needed room even on the Costas.

Personally, I think the Arab nations should get more involved and remove this tyrant.

As for China and Russia, they’re absolute bastados for their two faced hypocritic view on human rights. Oh, and it makes me feel better, I’ve just emailed the Chinese and Russian embassies to tell them a worldwide Twitter/Facebook campaign will start to boycott their goods 😆

Stop buying Chinese goods worldwide, I can even give up my kung po chicken 😛