Re: Re: China and Russia


Fuengi (Andrew)

@katy wrote:

Russia and China had reservations about the text as they thought it sounded like “regime change”. When the Libya resolution was passed it was not supposed to be regime change but it turned out that it was. Whatever happens it always turns out the same in those shit countries. Look at Libya, more being tortured than before, rebels fighting amongst themselves….and the first Law passed was to allow men to take more than one wife 🙄 Hard line islamists in Egypt, burning down bars that play music in Tunisia. The West should keep out and let them sort it. Those countries need strong dictators, they aren’t into Western style democracy.

to be fair to these countries, you cannot expect democracy to come overnight. Western democracy was a slow (and violent) process. Hell, most western democracies did not have universal sufferage until around the 1920s. several not until near 1950!