Re: Re: CGT & IHT – European Court????


You are quite right about the discriminatory IHT position for non residents -its absolutely punitive because your beneficiary can be stitched up a large amount of the value of the property unless they are paupers so you have to write out at present a Testament giving 7500 euros to as many people you can think of to cover the sale proceeds tax free after you have paid for all the lawyers work identifying them and finding out if they have assets so they can be charged double.Why should you have to sell it when you want to pass it on. The only way out of this at present is to pay to have your property put into a UK Limited company and this can cost quite a bit. There are specialist companies like Winchams that will do this. Does anyone know a cheaper option than them -firms of UK lawyers that can do this without it costing an arm and a leg ?( Note this route via Winchams said by belegal .com print of recent decision in Spain that its illegal. However I am not sure whether there is any distinction between a buyer who buys through a company at the outset and those that buy in their own names and then re-register into a company -there might be because the behaviour is different and in this judgement I do not no what was of the essence .)