Re: Re: Cash purchase for…



You might be interested in my flat, which I have to vacate for family reasons unfortunately.

The flat is a 4-bedroom (one currently allocated to office use). It has just been completely renovated and has town-gas-fired, central heating, all bedrooms and sitting room air conditioned, all new electrics, induction plate cooking, two bathrooms, new plumbing, roof insulation etc. The roof insulation is because it’s on the TOP floor of a very well located (though not particularly beautiful) building in Tarragona, which is one of the nicer cities in Spain.

I looked for a Tarragona flat for about three years and eventually chose this one because:

1) It is VERY well located – near to every conceivable shop and facility, and only a 20-minute walk to Tarragona beach (El Miracle !) and not any old walk – the walk takes you through medieval and then Roman Tarragona (Tarragona is said to have been the second city of the Roman Empire)
2) It is on a quiet street – quiet is a rare commodity in some parts of Spain as you probably know already! And, because its the top floor (7th floor), there is no one marching around above your head.
3) It’s south-south-west facing and so gets sun all day long. It has a small, but perfectly adequate, covered balcony to take the sun and have a cup of tea or whatever. Tarragona has a great climate – no doubt why the Romans made it their main base.
4) The neighbours are pleasant and reasonable

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.