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I’ll tell you what I did a few years back….

A friend needed the certificate to be able to sell home baked cakes at a local market but she couldn’t speak Spanish. She paid for me to also do the course and I quickly wrote out in translation what the Spanish tutor was saying into english for her to sit next to me and read.

Typically another few Brits also had a translator along and she was verbally translating sat at the back of the room. This was actually really annoying for everyone else there trying to listen to the Spanish.

So, try and find on a forum someone Dutch (or an english speaker) who can speak Spanish who wants to sit alongside you for an hour or so to do the course and write it all down for you. It’s not that hard actually, common sense.

And yes, you’ll need your NIE because they register you and write out your certificate with your name and NIE at the end.

Good luck