Re: Re: Can you find anything cheaper?



That one isn’t a cave house as La Portilla is a small village where there aren’t any caves as far as I know.

There are only very few areas where the mountain can take the construction of cave houses, Cuevas being a town where in some places there is the right mountain mineral which can take the weight etc. (not surprisingly the caves were first dug out hundreds of years ago when builders seemed to know what they were doing 😉

I don’t know why people don’t like caves as those i’ve been in are fantastic. Try it before you knock it I guess. The only trouble I can think of is if a cave hasn’t got the right paperwork and states it as ‘mountain land’? Licences were gotten for ‘mining’ so maybe there are a few without proper deeds because locals used them as weekend/summer homes and then sold them off in the boom?

I’m posting because it’s strange why this price has dropped so low, it was priced at 15k a while ago. I am guessing the bank just want it gone? It’s not a gypsy area but you never know if the neighbours aren’t on the same wavelength….??

I’m sure that there can’t be any property cheaper than this is there? Just seen your post DMMarcos98 and I guess there are cheap properties over in the US, a friend of the family bought a few online I think (scary…and brave/mad??)