Re: Re: Can you find anything cheaper?



It wasn’t you who said that it was a ghetto area.

I am one who when there would argue that Cuevas looked like the poor cousin to Vera…..which spent a lot of EU money I guess on smartening up and being all modern and marble fronted. Locals disagreed about it but then they would, as they love their town no matter what. It’s tricky that just a few wealthy people own most of the locals on the high street so they charge higher rents, so therefore there are three blooming chinese shops.

There is a British owned triathalon training camp for athletes there as well, who also run the indoor swimming pool.

It is a historical town so does need a bit of renovation as much of it is centuries old (from the silver boom years). The large church has just received funding to restore it and little by little each street is getting better.

It’s not a fantastic town by a long shot, but none are when you know them inside out. I lived in London for many years and I would by far prefer to live in Notting Hill, Fulham or Chelsea than Shadwell or Ealing.

I didn’t want this to be a ‘all about Cuevas del Almanzora’ post but since my husband is from there I have to defend it a bit. It’s made me blooming angry over the years as many of you know….

I’d heard that also local Antas and Huercal Overa have some incredibly wealthy people who keep a low profile….

I just saw that property for 6000 euros and thought blimey, this must be the bottom of the price range? If things are this cheap then they will sell, probably to locals actually as there are plenty of people who dress like a pauper but actually have millions tucked away (euros not pesetas).

Are the banks therefore going to drop the prices of all their repos throughout Spain to such low levels as that is what it takes to sell them?