Re: Re: Can you find anything cheaper?



Itsme, There was never any suggestion that Cuevas is a “ghetto” area . Sorry to have given that impression.
Was just making a point , in my 2nd posting , about house prices v areas in general.
However you must admit it does have the appearance of a poor town especially since many of the larger shops in the main thoroughfare have now closed. Hopefully the regeneration of the town will continue now that the road from Aguilas to Cuevas and Vera has been improved.
Many coastal towns, Aguilas as an example , is delightful along the coastline but most of the town is not an area I would want to rent a holiday home in. Even if everywhere is only 5 mins to the beach.

But this is exactly the same scenario if one bought in the back streets of Brighton. You buy cheap and get ****