Re: Re: Can you find anything cheaper?



La Portilla/Cuevas isn’t a ‘ghetto’ area….. Vera Playa close by has a lot of very luxurious buildings where Madrid dwellers have their holiday homes. There are bad areas of all towns but this is a little village of about 300 people on the outskirts of town (and not the side which is more problematic, actually completely in the opposite direction…).

My Spanish husband just looked over my shoulder and came up with a few expletives about Roquetas….sorry, maybe 10k is about the right price for there then? I think that there are lots of very cheap places in Roquetas as they really did overbuild there. But, it is by the sea.

ps, two cheap properties here in the village in Ireland have had offers accepted in the last few days, each about 20k lower than asking prices. Maybe a bottom has been reached here so Spain is set to follow in a few years?