Re: Re: Can the Uk defy: Ire, Spain, US, France, UAE, East Eur e


I think there are areas of the UK Claire where property is selling well as you suggest eg Surrey, other areas of London like Wimbledon, Bath etc.

Spread the net wider to other Counties even in Kent and even in prime spots only the sensibly priced are selling well. Even near T. Wells, there are houses which have been for sale for a long time, ( 1 for 4.5 years in a prime spot) and reductions are happening to shift them.

There was an interesting article and graph on Pablo’s link, if you click on it, and go to UK property on the left, and scroll down to a header which says, ‘what will trigger the next house price crash’. This goes on about fundamentals and historical data and mentions that some of the leading UK agents as well as economists are still predicting falls.

The Budget seems to have created a problem for buyers and sellers. In the Telegraph 1 person wrote that he is withdrawing £2 million pounds worth of BTL property because of the new CGT of 28%, and others thinking of purchasing BTL have decided against because of future CGT, not sure what that does for the market in the UK.