Re: Re: Can the press successfully sell a “bottom”?


Chris M

What was that saying:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, so today is….?

Well it is the bottom of the market maybe, but then again maybe it is the peak this year as prices fall still further, nobody knows, but I think Mark is right; the good stuff (real quality /great area) which is commonly already down 25% as a minimum, will not be given away(gifted) any further, that market is not going to fall 50% peak to trough.

And as such there are different segments, so are there different timings and levels of activity in each, but… people have never stopped buying in every single month during the past 20 years I have been around the CDS and they will still be buying every month for the next 20 years also.

That’s not hype, just a plain simple fact, and as to the level of buyers, well that depends on a whole bunch of other economic / worldwide factors. It isn’t just a Spanish property issue. It is about disposable income and a general inclination to spend not hoard.