Re: Re: Can the press successfully sell a “bottom”?


Chris M

Come on Chris, liven them up a bit – you’re getting a bit ‘same old, same old’… about how many properties you’ve sold this week compared to last week, or how many new properties have come onto your books in the last month (under a million euros), or what percentage of purchasers have said they’re willing to accept offers?
Now that would be telling us something

I know Charlie, but am trying to be a different, a touch oblique here and there, Angie got me spooked about my behaviour / position and attitude on the forum, and am trying to behave myself and only pop in now and again, loss of confidence I think it is, or overly keen to be balanced and non confrontational.

Perhaps I should go back to 1,000 word posts! Or at least try using some of these Smilies here goes… 🙄

First seven days of April the guys sold 5 properties and looked like they were going to light a fire, but then people started lighting fires in Greece, other people started talking about the PIGS in really serious terms, such as Spain is going to go bankrupt, and being the 5th largest European economy, a few folks rightly became a bit tentative. 😯

Then along came a Volcano with all its ash, that kept everyone away from the coast not just for the 7 days it was shut down but until they could rearrange their schedules and flights etc, and lo … there was a General Election in the UK, with precipitous falls in the stock markets worldwide, loss of confidence in the Euro, ohhh, and jeeze, well it was like being back to post credit crunch months really. 🙁

But they have sold since that time another 10 or so properties, when really had all of this not blown up, they were very confident that they would have sold 20+ inside the month of April. 🙄

However, we have been here before, we have sold properties when the rate was 1.03 to the £, we have sold when the world was literally about to turn out the lights it seemed, we have sold when banks globally were going bust, it just takes people who want to buy. And as I said I think, there are always people who do. 🙂

As for sellers under €1 million, I think they have taken on @ 20 properties to market in the magazine and proactively to their database in the month, they are very careful about the properties that they take on now, it is not a question of listing 240 a month anymore, the market has been down 90% so only list 10% of the old total is more the motto I think. ❗

But very keen and committed vendors they are, when you ask how many purchasers are willing to accept offers, i think you mean vendors, so if that is the case, experience says that 100% of people are willing to accept some sort of offer, and 95% of vendors actually know their bottom line today, and don’t prevaricate, but I don’t think buyers truly get to the bottom line until they really put their credit card on the table and say here is how “serious” I am, I will buy, and here is my proof of real intent. 😐

So… we now hope (there is always hope Charlie) that over the remaining days of the month, the Greece crisis recedes, the threat to Spanish bankruptcy disappears, the Con / Lib pact honeymoon builds up to be a really sexy one, and Sterling gets stronger. 😀

It is not just about Spain, it is about sooo much more.

But you know what, there are people who come on here stating without doubt and absolutely categorically, that today is the worst time to buy, tomorrow will be just as bad, and 10 years from now too… Or state 50 criteria fulfilling conditions to buy, that will never happen, and they will never buy, most have no intention of every buying really, and I am fine with that… its a free world and forum…

However the guys in Spain believe that before the end of the year, that they will have a 20 sale month, a 30 sale month and from there the sky will be the limit.

and I wouldn’t bet against them, they are very committed and very happy they are on the right track and dealing with people who are also very serious about buying… 8)

Though am real happy to see that these days there is a real balance between listing vendors properties for sale and actual sales, that is quite healthy, it will never be like the UK because nobody lists exclusively at all, so many people might sell through 10 other different sources.

Does that answer your question?

And you being the font of all knowledge… is there a spell check function anywhere?

And I can’t quite figure how to do the quote thing now the site has changed.