Re: Re: Can Spain expect a spectacular recovery like Florida?


I was looking at property in Naples FL recently on-line as we used to go there for holidays and noticed prices were holding up really well, and areas we got to know like Venetian Bay, 5th Avenue, Old Naples, beach side and many golf course homes were really expensive, same goes for Marco Island holding up well.

Also, we have friends in Kensington San Diego CA and prices there, as well as on Coronado Island, La Jolla, Downtown are now dearer than pre-crash. Old bungalows on good plots fetch well over $700k in good suburban areas. Same goes for Westchester County New York, no sign of a downturn there now, hugely expensive real estate. 🙄

These areas are similar to hot spots in the UK like London, Bath, Oxford, T.Wells, Surrey etc

All property markets have their hot spots and down spots, I doubt if Majorca has suffered as much as the CDS just because it’s a smaller niche market there