Re: Re: Can Spain expect a spectacular recovery like Florida?


I think in Italy there is no Inheritance Tax charge for non resident owners. That is a great plus if you want to pass a property on to a brother or sister -in Spain you get stitched up particularly if they have a home in UK and its worth more than 7500 euros -the ridiculous level it starts at. Sorry to be negative today but Spain hasn’t a hope in hell till it cleans up its act -gorillas in the African jungle must be ten times better. Saying that I noticed much racist writings on the back of the bus seats in Canaries this year – No Africans -No Gorillas ! The young Spanish are getting very restive about this -fascism is alive and well in Spain and with the input from the enclaves in Morrocco and elsewhere in Afiica and Arabia notice the increase in numbers and the number of ladies with head scarves but saw no burkas.