Re: Re: cajas again



Fair play to you for calling things as you see them. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I do appreciate that I am a bit of an economics anorak and, as such, am quite interested in things that leave many people cold.

My question is, in this age of 24 hour news, 24 opinions to one simple question available on Google, 24 hours till the end of civilisation it seems sometimes, how much credence do we give this now?

This particular article, for the reasons I outlined earlier, not a lot. To me it only serves to make up a small part of a much bigger picture. One that, from the perspective of those that own Spanish property, or work in the industry, is not a pretty one.

In the grand scheme of things, I just don’t know anymore how worried I should be about this, or whether I should just give up worrying about any of it. Won’t the Costa del Sol be there in a week, year, ten years and on way beyond me? Won’t there be boom and bust all over again?

Yes, such is the nature of the economic cycle. There is however a lot more ‘bust’ to come before anything like a recovery starts.

Does it all matter is what am asking myself?

To those, such as potential purchasers like me, it matters a lot. I’m not going to part with 200k for a property now that will probably only be worth 150k in a couple of years time. That was a call I (correctly) made some two years ago not long after I began researching the market. It is a stance I still hold and would advise anyone else to do so at present.

Does it all matter to you? It must to a certain extent as you reacted to the original post. If it didn’t matter, why bother?