Re: Re: cajas again


Chris M

Well having sat here, working for the past eight hours almost non stop on a Marketing Proposal, and just to wind down I thought I would pop in and take a quick look at today’s posts.

So thanks for this adiep… you really cheered me up there!

Jeeze, almost got a headache trying to keep up with all the info and detail, but these spread betters, they just want crisis, bad news, anything to drive markets up and down in yo yo fashion no?

How much credence do we give this? How much affect is it really going to have? Doesn’t everyone know this already? None of the comments below seemed to treat as much more than insider gumpf they already knew.

Great link though, I would never come across this stuff, head hurting as it is, by myself.

Now am off to bed, but have given up worrying about Spain turning into another Greece, what will be, will be.