Re: Re: cajas again

Chris M

My spare money (basically that which wouldn’t kill me if I lost it) is invested in countries which are commodity rich (To satisfy China & India’s demands) and politically stable. Those are Brazil, Canada and Australia. I’ve seen 50% growth over the past three years and believe I’ll see a decent return for at least the next two.

Ahhh… so is this why I get confused then?

You are basically looking for an investment where I am talking to people who are looking for an involvement?

I and I suspect many others don’t have your financial acumen or astute interest in markets, projections, returns and the like. I have had to put my spare money (would just burn me up if I lost more like I have with Zurich, or did with Lloyds on the stock market years ago) into Corporate Bonds and they get a good return over 3 years it won’t be 50% but with the guaranteed return plus what I think they term the yield will be about 30% or so I think.

Now the bank had me do that, but… people I talk to, perhaps have that also, and what they want to do with their other funds – or because they have funds, then their access to currently cheap credit, and at a moment in time which is indisputably the best in let’s say 8 years to buy (putting aside yes, what may or may not happen tomorrow) what these people want to do is sit not on more Corporate Bonds, but sit on a terrace looking out over the sea to a golden sunset while sipping a chilled Sangria – and perhaps get away from all their other pressures which led to them attaining these funds in the first place.

In those terms is it not a great time to buy? I would consider the last great time to buy to have been 1992-4 those people who bought then and sold in 2002 had one helluva result, might today’s buyer for involvement as well as investment, do as spectacularly well if they buy today and sell whenever the next boom peaks, maybe 8 years from now?

Again, I don’t think anyone should buy property for investment, but this is where many of us have different perspectives on the forum, you are looking for a certain return and a profit, and will wait till this is assured.

But others are just looking for the sheer joy and so long as they buy and wait, won’t they actually be as safe as houses, so long as they can afford to wait?

You did say, and I appreciate it that people should do as they please, but I don’t know, and this is back the whole Cajas thing, isn’t there some phrase such as the paralysis of analysis?

Isn’t it all swings and roundabouts? For those with the right reasons, all that has happened and is about to happen, is making this for some a great time to get a fantastic buy as long as you look for a period over 5 years, because there are places to buy that are fantastic and secure, A grade premium property, which will show a return and will give much pleasure.

And why wait? To get a lower price, might not happen, and lose out on the fun and pleasure, when you can’t see the sunset or taste the Sangria on Corporate Bonds!

Like I said, I hear you, I find our arguments faultless, but perhaps a bit heartless, and this is because we all spend too much time worrying ourselves sick over links like the Cajas Again.