Re: Re: cajas again


Will not all property UK included have likely fallen in real terms accounting for inflation also?

I have concentrated my research on the Spanish market as that is where I am looking to buy. Also, I am Irish and live in the Netherlands so the UK market is of pheripheral interest to me. There will be others on here in a much better position to comment. What I will say is that there are so many differences between the two markets, currency, economy, housing builds, size of bubble, etc., that you cannot readily compare them.

And where does one put €135k today, to be worth a heap more in five years time?

My spare money (basically that which wouldn’t kill me if I lost it) is invested in countries which are commodity rich (To satisfy China & India’s demands) and politically stable. Those are Brazil, Canada and Australia. I’ve seen 50% growth over the past three years and believe I’ll see a decent return for at least the next two.