Re: Re: cajas again


Chris M

It is not quite as simple as that. My assertion is that, with a few years stagnation, the property will probably still be selling for 135k in five years time. In real terms however, after accounting for inflation, that will be equivalent to what you could currently buy for 90-100k.

Very funny with the now you asking the impossible! 😆

OK, you been patient with me, and I get all of this thanks.

But if the € price may still then be the same 135k in five years time, will not all property UK included have likely fallen in real terms accounting for inflation also?

Will that not be a good thing? Won’t then wages have hopefully risen? The price of a home, holiday or permanent residence have become also much more affordable against annual income, and for sure a boom be on the way?

And where does one put €135k today, to be worth a heap more in five years time?

I put more than that in a Zurich Pension fund some 10 years ago over a period of about two years or so, and today I think it is worth something like €80k.

I wish I had put in property I can tell you.