Re: Re: cajas again



Please sort me out.

Now you are asking the impossible. đŸ˜€

OK, let’s take your example.

You are saying that a property bought for lets say 300,000 some four years ago, which has fallen by 40% already, so now is selling for 180,000, will fall by a further 25% over the next two years being 45,000 down to 135,000.

Yes, what I am saying is that IMO that is the most likely scenario. All the fundamentals are pointing that way.

And given that today’s current value – we sold one yesterday – is 180,000 you believe that this will actually be worth as little as 90,000 in five years time?

It is not quite as simple as that. My assertion is that, with a few years stagnation, the property will probably still be selling for 135k in five years time. In real terms however, after accounting for inflation, that will be equivalent to what you could currently buy for 90-100k.