Re: Re: cajas again


Chris M

We all need anoraks! I wouldn’t be without you.

Yes it does matter to me, a great deal, am trying to figure stuff out just as hard as you, I have 20 years and still investment and much belief for my particular Costa.

I think your call 2 years ago was a very good one, I suppose one could still buy for €200k and lose €50k in the next two years, if one bought the wrong property, and I would put financially sound purchase at the top of my list if I was buying today – as does almost every single person – however, wouldn’t it be true that you will never ever know, in property whether 200 today will be worth 150 tomorrow?

At least you do know today that prices are as low as they have been since what…? 2002-3 perhaps. Could they go lower, yes, could they go higher yes, could they stay the same yes.

I don’t know, I think with all my heart that there are some fantastic buys on the Costa right now, but you know what, jeeze I could be so wrong if there was some double dip and somehow prices that have fallen already and substantially could go from 40% to 60%, I can’t for the life of me see how, but I am no anorak, and the anoraks had it right for the last several years not me, that is damn straight!

But then, heck, maybe I just want to buy and wait, and use and enjoy, and accept that the whole world spins around with or without me getting into all the detail. Surely if I buy today, I get all the use and pleasure, surely the odds now are that I am a lot more secure than had I done so 2-4 years ago, that there are good odds that in 4-6 years time my decision may also prove to have been a good investment also, bearing in my mind my use and pleasure also.

My point is, lets say these chaps – and I read most of the Red Devils post too, thanks for that – but I didn’t check the thread, anyway even if these chaps are right, how bad is it going to be, or how much worse can it get?

Can I not just get on with today, and say, look prices have fallen to a level from 8 years ago, thank goodness I didn’t buy 2-4 years ago, you know what I can wait forever, but if I want this now is as good as time as any?

(Bit of the EA popped into this bit I have to admit)