Re: Re: Cabo Roig


Chris M

@oilysqueak wrote:

IMO the market still has a way to drop and you would be better off taking your time over a decision – 5 years maybe

Yep Kevducky, you wait 5 years and stay there in the rain for 320 days a year, and then come join those of us who are enjoying sunshine 300 days of the year some five years from now.

Put your money elsewhere, put it in stocks and shares, an interest bearing account, a pension, a buy to let, or another rock solid no risk investment like gold or oil or other futures, maybe pork bellies.

However I bet you Boothy is going to have had a lot more fun though with his investment on the CDS over the next five years, what with popping down every few weeks, sitting on his lovely terrace, looking over the golf course and seaward, a glass of vino in his had and his new girlfriend alongside, getting the advantage of at least sitting on a investment that he can get immeasurable pleasure and satisfaction from hey?

No, you put it somewhere safe, come back to the coasts in 5 years and see what you can buy then. Hell you will only be 5 years older and have swapped 1,500 days of sunshine for the same in rain.

Yep wait another 5 years, good advice… bit more tosh really.

Sorry Oilysqueak, I try not to be flippant or cynical on here but I am definitely more with Boothy on this one.