Re: Re: Buying this year, or next year (10-20% extra charges)


@angie wrote:

DBMarcos99 aka Steviedeluxe on, I can categorically say that I am not involved in anyway at all in selling London/SE England properties, nor UK properties, nor foreign properties, nor any properties, with one exception that one day I might sell my own property through an agent as most normal people do, and if you know differently then please tell us all, failing which you are talking absolute poppycock yet again? : Your failure to come up with any proof of your insinuation would constitute your utter paranoia by the way 🙄

I don’t believe you one iota..

@angie wrote:

We’ve sold lots of UK properties and have never had to pay an agent more than 1.5% commission although some try to ask for 1.75-2%. I think this is one of the factors for the UK’s more lively property markets and of course the undersupply in the UK.

Transaction costs have to be factored in to buying and selling. 🙄

I really think there is much better value for money though in America, much better and larger properties for a lot less but they have restricted access unless you have a job an American can’t fill.