Re: Re: Buying this year, or next year (10-20% extra charges)


Yes katy you are absolutely right there 😛

I do confess that back in the old days of Spain’s property boom, a few of us did go to the Excell Centre Docklands, The Grosvenor House Hotel, Sandown Park, Taunton racecourse, and several other London hotels and a few in Sussex and Kent, I think that’s the lot, specifically to target Ocean Estates and only them, for mis-selling to Brits following our experiences with them.

At several venues we were surrounded by would be buyers and others who had previously been sold ‘the dream’ but could not flip them nor want to pay further payments on properties that were unfinished despite being told to by Ocean’s in house lawyers. It was a nightmare for these people some fuelled by quick returns promised, but others who had sunk their life savings into a property or two/three they were told ‘you cannot lose’. Many people we met and who contacted us were in tears, they were elderly, lots of Irish buyers too. We did help a lot of them extricate themselves from bad situations.

Whilst I’ve not got on with some agents even on here at times, I’ve never acted like that with them as we did with Ocean. We asked for no payment whatsoever, nor did we receive any, all we wanted was to help those being misled by Ocean, unfortunately some others like Interealty (now also gone) copied their model.

We did receive lots of thank you’s which made it worthwhile.

This is factual, it does not mean I/we do not like Spain as portrayed by some, we visit it several times a year and we are not looking to buy again nor wait for prices to fall further to take advantage, we learnt by our mistakes and others’.